Thursday, May 19, 2011

I hate taking pictures

 My camera stinks and I have no particular talent with it.  Having said this, you would think of the 30 pictures I took I would find more than 2 I could use.  Not so.  This is a pretty little necklace I made with lampwork beads and glass pearls, using pastel colors to pander to my springy mood.  On grey, it shows up pretty much how it looks, although I would like to photograph this as a necklace and not as a string of beads.  I have this neat necklace thing.  Let's try it on that.
Where'd the colors go?  Mind you, this is the best of the pictures I took on the black stand.  The contrast is too much for my miserable setup to handle.  This I got by pulling my lamp up as high as it would go and covering half of it with an envelope.  Bills are good for something after all.  And yes, the first picture did have a light baffle now that I think of it.  The cat was standing in front of the lamp.  Here kitty....


  1. also, make sure you are focusing on a bead and not the black background. :)

  2. Thanks! I was focusing on the background. I'll try this.


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