Wednesday, June 30, 2010

CiM Plum revisited

I had hoped to post pictures of a great new set I made but this isn't going to be happening. Instead, what I have today is yet another oppurtunity to show off my learning experiences.

For a link to CiM's website and to see what others have done with this color click here!/profile.php?id=100000449052869
They're putting me to shame today, I'll tell you.
I've blogged CiM plum before; click here to see previous post.

CiM plum is an absolutely gorgeous color that I am totally enamored with. It is an opal purple. OPAL. This should have been my clue. My test beads didn't crack because they tend to be very tiny and the stresses of compatibility issues and heat control don't get a chance to get a good running start. Like many opalino and special glasses, this one doesn't much like to be encased. I will try the tip of making them on a core of clear and see what happens, but am very disappointed with this lot. The only bead that didn't crack was the unencased one.
CiM plum remains a gorgeous color and one I will be using again. I especially like what it does with copper leaf under encasement. As a side note, when I was making these beads, they looked like they were going to be dark blue green when hot. They go purple after annealing. Don't worry about this. Now what I have to do is figure out a way to get a full sized bead to stay in one piece.


  1. I've encased CiM Plum a lot and never had any cracking problems. I have an older batch, so not sure if that's why.

  2. Not sure about this one, but perhaps with the copper leaf as well..... I don't think it was the technique or annealing because none of the other beads with a different base did this and all the plum ones did, but regardless, I'll find out if the ones I did today with a clear core held up better.

  3. Good luck with the new beads! I really love Plum, it's such a great color


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