Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I need ideas.

I spent all day beating my head against the same wall regarding what I want to make next. One idea after another was begun, developed and discarded. I played with some CiM Hades and dark ivory after reading Dragonjools' blog from yesterday and the beads that resulted from this are nice and looked pretty cool before I stowed them. The way I feel about them is the way I would feel playing scales on the piano. It's technical practice and should be done, but the goal is to relate it to something else later. Training muscle memory for the mind.

I found this set of stones over the weekend when I was cleaning for inspection. I bought them at an event about 5 years ago and have barely set eyes on them since. I have moved them from a box to a drawer to a box to another box and each time said to myself that I really have to use them in something. They are 1" squares of green aventurine, about 1/4" deep, drilled diagonally just onto the faces from the corners so they overlap when strung. I want to do some sort of wirewrapped beads to go around the overlapping corners, or maybe wirewrap the squares themselves with the beads. The fact that there is a drill just in from the top corner means that I have to cover this with something. A bead might just be the thing.

All of the stones together are too much of a good thing. They would be uncomfortable to wear and poke, not to mention they don't hang together well. A few of them would be nice in a piece, with something else to add contrast. CiM poi is on the plate right now and with a couple of the freebie colors on the diet would brighten these stones a lot. I think I am onto something. Poi reacts with copper green, but I could put a layer of white or clear between the two. Something with round lines and more visual interest. I'm working on it. I'll mull this over and try out a few things and hopefully come up with something decent. At worst I have another drawer these can go into.

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