Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the diet continues

I've been working on a limited palette and having a lot of fun with embellishment. I've stumbled upon a combination that pleases me and will be making a set out onf the resulting beads. First, I am melting in silver foil and rolling in homemade DH frit blend, then applying a twstie of Psyche and opal yellow and an odd swirl or two of silvered ivory, then mashing. What is changing is the base glass. I've done Martian strata, poison apple, and now poi and pearl grey.
CiM poi is on the left and Vetrofond pearl grey odd is on the right. Both colors reacted nicely with the silver and silver glass by becoming less grey. Poi develops a warmth that wasn't present in any other combination I've tried so far and pearl grey becomes a sort of semitranslucent olive. The bubbling appearance of the sis continues. None of the pictures I've taken so far shows how the psyche struck, but I'm hopefull I'll find a way to do this by the time I have the set finished.
I am halfway through my palette with ink blue, ghee, oliva nero and slytherin left to go. Three of these colors are transparent and one's an opalino type. Can't wait to see what this does.
Hopefully the doctor will release me to return to work next week. I will have no time to torch then, but that is the tradeoff.

To see my discovery on CiM's site and find out more about this amazing color click here

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