Tuesday, June 8, 2010

color diet success

As I am beginning to get used to the color diet, it is getting easier to work the beads. The one on the left is the final, successful bead with ghee, silver foil, mixed DH reduction frit, and a twistie with copper green, Terra 2 (still striking), Triton (not striking) and slytherin, which is very thin indeed here. I finally made this one without cracking by encasing a clear core with the ghee and then decorating it from there. Everyone had to take a look at it at the demo, although it didn't sell. I could have sold it for $3, but I wasn't going that low for a bead I spent a long time working on and that I haven't even tried to sell elsewhere yet. If I still have it in August I may have reduced the price, but I don't think I'll go that low.

These are a couple of nice ones made with a similar technique but slightly different colors. The one on top has a base of CiM poison apple and on the bottom is Effetre coral Martian strata. Both were rolled in silver foil, then the reduction frit. I applied a stringer of DH psyche and yellow opal, melted it in, then applied sis. I am thrilled about the funky way the reduction frit from 2 layers down expresses itself on the silvered ivory. I know it is this and not the stringer because other beads I have used this exact stringer on didn't do it. It is kind of pebbly or bubbly in appearance but smooth in texture. The combination of silver and silvered glass really changed the color of both base glasses as well, which was a surprise. I was in such a hurry to post them that I haven't cleaned them yet, but they will be making an appearance in one form or another on Etsy.

I haven't checked out what the kiln fairies left from yesterday but I have high hopes from the pearl grey. Maybe I'll do something using a similar decoration on multiple color base glasses for a funky organic bracelet...


  1. Awesome!

    I'm so glad you're having fun with it :)
    My first few sessions with a new palette are always really tortured and unproductive, but it feels great when it finally clicks and everything starts to go right.

  2. Thanks. Right now i'm doing the same bead in every color, but I promise to try something new when I finish the last 2. The cat objects to me torching right now, but hopefully she'll get bored soon so I can go back to work.


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