Saturday, June 12, 2010

Death and Taxes

Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes, right? Well, if death is defined as a complete lack of health, I experienced both today to some extent. I did not experience beads, so if anyone who reads this doesn't want to read about my gripes, skip today.

I have been taking a prescription painkiller, not a narcotic, but stronger than the acetaminophen that is the only other pain medicine my doctor will allow. I stopped taking the pain meds 3 days ago out of concern for developing a physical dependence on it, since I seemed to need to take it more often to get the same effect. The first day wasn't bad. I took it in the morning and threw the rest away. Yesterday, day 2 was unpleasant but I was expecting that. Last night I slept barely a wink and today has been truly uncomfortable. I am hoping that what I am experiencing is the withdrawal from the meds and not the return of the leg pain that drove me to this in the first place. There, that is a greatly lesser absence of health than death, now, isn't it.

Taxes, not so much. I foolishly filled out my state paperwork without reading the fine print, like where it says that whether you have an income or not, you need to file if you have a tax ID number. I had assumed it was like personal income tax and I didn't need to file if I had no income. Ha, ha, ha. Now I know better. Next filing is due by, I think, July 1. I will have receipts and paperwork and know much better. They did have an option where you sent in a check and they call it even. Worth it so I don't have to find the forms and fill them out, mail them in, etc.

Plus side of all this was I got to throw stuff at my computer. Sounds pretty grim, doesn't it? I decided I was going to get a jump on the show and do the paperwork for that. One of the many items on my to-do list was make up business cards, which I did, by ordering them online. After designing an absolutely lovely card on my computer and discovering I was completely incapable of printing them up without redoing them on Joe's computer, since my computer isn't speaking to his printer and mine is in a box somewhere. Now all I have to do is come up with mini portfolios.

Did I make any beads today. Yes, I made seven. All spacer sized. None worth snapping a picture of. There are days like this.

Tomorrow is another day. Here's to tomorrow!

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