Friday, June 11, 2010

What was I thinking?

There were almost no pictures for today's post. I had stupidly removed the memory card from my camera in preparation for uploading them and then allowed myself to become distracted. Oh, is that a baby dragon?..........................................................................................................................................................

I do have a spare and could have just taken the pictures again, but that's not the point. A lonely little memory card the size of a postage stamp has no chance at all around here on its own. Either something hot will drop on it and melt it, or I'll crush it under my chair, or the cat will puke on it, or it will simply join the host of socks, money, jewelry and, yes, postage stamps that I will swear are around here somewhere but I will never see again.

I had a little argument with myself, lost, and decided I had to get organized. It was after about a minute of cleaning off my desk that the desire to avoid housework focused my mind to an extent no other threat could and I located the memory card. Huzzah! I can post.

The pictures above and below are the final ones in what I am calling my art nouveau set. Above are ink blue on the left and ghee on the right. I have already had a problem with ghee cracking, so I kept the encasement light and built the bead on a core of clear. It was later that I discovered that for whatever reason, Effetre's oliva nera seems to have the same problem. I picked up the dish to photograph these last night and discovered the oliva nera one was cracked in half. Black olive is a transparent color so shouldn't have a problem like this, but just in case I made another one on a core of clear and filed it away for future reference.

I really like the oliva nera bead I made late last night, risking the annoyance of my neighbors. I think the shape turned out very well even though I overfilled my lentil press in a way I haven't managed before. If this very stiff glass was any softer, it would have squirted all over the place. The black olive is on the right, with slytherin on the left. From Mind Melt's blog, I knew slytherin likes silver and silver glass, but it does some really great things. It was when I was looking at my photographs that I realized that the silvered ivory reminds me of pen and ink art nouveau work and coined the name for this set.

The bead I made with Slytherin is my favorite in this favorite set of beads, and it got me top billing on CiM's website.  Click the link to see what others have to say about this underappreciated color.

Here's the whole set. Slytherin is at 11:00 and I'll go clockwise from there. Slytherin, oliva nera, ink blue, poi, pearl grey, coral Martian strata, poison apple and ghee.

All jesting aside, I really am going to get some housework done now. I shouldn't be this disorganized.

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