Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Second day on the diet

OK, this diet has lasted about as long as anything I've been on involving food. Surprisingly enough, I actually had an idea! The name Martian strata inspired a spacey kind of theme for this bead, and I think it worked for a change. The lower half is Martian strata with CiM ghee and black olive spots, and the top half is ink blue wrapped in silver foil, which was melted in, then a 3 petal poke flower in ghee, pearl grey and poi was applied, twisted and elongated a bit, and the top half of the bead was encased in Effetre super clear.

What in life ever turns out as you originally plan it? This didn't either, but I can't say I'm not nearly delirious with how it did turn out. It looks so much like some funky alien weather phenomenon I'm just going to say I planned it that way!
I think I would have liked this second bead if I had left well enough alone and not gone and messed with it. The copper green dots over the encasement were just so over the top that they ruined what would otherwise have been a very interesting bead.

I started out with a base of CiM slytherin, then applied silver foil and melted it in. Two 5 petal flowers with pointed petals with the following dots in order: white, ghee, poison apple, pearl grey and poi. Encase the whole thing in clear and I'm looking good.
Decide that it's boring and put some polka dots on with copper green, and by the time I'm on my fourth dot, decide I don't like the way it's coming out.

Decide I can't quit now or it WILL look like a mistake and finish going on the same theme. It wasn't a mistake, it just wasn't a good idea.
I've already made another bead which is essentially the same and will find out what it looks like. Hopefully lots better.

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