Monday, April 26, 2010

CiM pumpkin

Not so sure of the name of this one. It is much closer in color and melting to yellow ochre than to the coral-type specials labeled as pumpkin by other manufacturers. It is slightly translucent and not as concentrated as Effetre yellow ochre, and that alone makes me like it better than yellow ochre, but there aren't many colors I like less. I'm sure that against other colors this is more attractive. I just haven't found them yet and am not inclined to experiment much.
Plain reveals a weird characteristic or two. I did not make any other beads from this rod so contamination of the end is not a possibility, so the presence of dark flecks in the glass is strange. One is visible on the right side and there are a couple more on the back. I haven't seen any of the yellows that comes out lighter in the bead than in the rod, but here is one. With silver foil melted in, reduced, and encased in the 3rd bead from the left, there is a reddish blush that I may appreciate someday, but with copper leaf and plain silver I don't see much of a need.

With DH aurae encased and plain I don't see anything that jumps out at me. I like the way the triton shard I wrapped around the center of the right bead looks like a knotted belt, but that was due to the way the shard folded and not any contribution of the glass.

Nothing special going on with the beads combining pumpkin with other colors, except to note that due to its low opacity, dots of pumpkin applied over another color will not remain opaque.

I probably will not buy this glass again, since the usefulness of a slightly translucent yellow glass seems pretty low. I may reconsider this if I start making sunflower beads.

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