Friday, April 2, 2010

CiM mermaid

These beads were made a week or so ago using CiM mermaid.  I like the beads and I like the color.  What I do not like is the amount of aggravation it took to get them up there, and now the post isn't autosaving.  This does not bode well.  Why does every computer programmer never quit while something is working well?  It has to be tweaked again and again until everything crashes.

Enough of a rant.  I have been suffering from a nasty cold/flu and have not been up to torching, so nothing new to me for the time being, and me with new glass, too, so here are some of the ones I have lying around.

CiM mermaid doesn't do much interacting that I can see, except with copper leaf, ivory, and EDP.  With copper leaf it goes black and crusted on its own and blue under encasement.  I like this effect.  I like the effect I got with the triton unencased.  The oddball silver glass bead is with aurae.  With ivory that grey line comes back.  Not a surprise.  With EDP, the purple pops and the mermaid separates.  Neat.  I like the purple and green combination of the mermaid and copper red green, and wouldn't you know the mermaid and intense black bead chipped just where it was going to be pointing up.

Will I buy this color again?  Probably.  It fills a niche not found in any other coe 104 glass that I know of.


  1. I just played with CiM for the first time today and am so excited!

  2. Now why can't I find this in the sampler pack I got? I must be blind -- I love this color you used!

  3. Thanks. It is very similar on the bench to dark turquoise, but melted it's totally different. It does tend to boil a bit, though.


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