Friday, April 16, 2010

Effetre light pumpkin

I had to be very careful with labeling these, since I received a large number of oranges all at once and they all look nearly identical in rod form. This is one of the new colors from Effetre, light pumpkin, originally zucca chiaro. It strikes from yellowish to orange tan.

I didn't get much out of adding metal to these beads, either silver foil or copper leaf. I'm not sure how many orange and brown textural beads I'm going to be making.

Double Helix glasses look neat on this color, with a surprisingly dark aurae on the left, then triton, encased psyche looking the best I've achieved yet, and finally psyche on its own.

The EDP does react a bit with the pumpkin but I can live with this. The combination is appealing in a strange way. Intense black stays nice and crisp but there is some separation of the top dots of orange. The grey line forms on the copper green. Sis just plain bleeds all over. Plum silver seems to prevent color development in this just like it did with the red roof tile.

This is a nice, bright, happy pumpkin orange that will come in handy around Haloween.

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