Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Effetre mint green

One of a new batch of colors recently released by Effetre, mint green seems to be an odd lot of copper green. The rods are variable in size and pretty lumpy, but melt beautifully. They look almost identical to copper green and labeling would be an issue if the colors weren't so darn similar.
Apparently, in different torch chemistry this color can produce a sheen or reaction on the surface. This is certainly the case with the rod ends of both copper green and mint green, but I couldn't reproduce this in the beads as the picture on the right demonstrates. The left bead is made in my "normal" slightly reducing flame on my HotHead, and the one on the right I tried to develop a sheen on by holding it high in the flame as I would for plum silver. It seems I should have tried to reduce it.

To see just how close mint green was to copper green I made this comparison bead with copper green on the left, mint green in the middle and CiM dirty martini on the right. There is a difference when compared side by side like this, but if I run out of one I would have no problem using the other instead.

With metal, it reacts pretty predictably, but I do like the way it acts with the copper, and it is one of the few colors that non encased copper leaf looks good on.

I don't know how much DH glass I would use on this color, since it tends to go yellow and wash out when a lustre is applied.

Mint green acts pretty much identical to copper green with other colors.

Would I buy this again? It is unlikely to be released again if it is an odd lot, and for all intents and purposes is copper green by another name. I wouldn't go out of my way for it unless it was cheaper.

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