Thursday, April 15, 2010

Effetre apple blush

First I would like to say that I like the name for this color much better than when it came out in a sample pack in December. It was originally Gaillo ocra. My miserable Italian and sense of humor translated it into "yellow chicken" for a reason that I may never know. The color is a bit like a green apple or underripe mango. It melts well and plays very nice.
The plain bead shows the reason behind the name blush. The usual brownish textural thing with melted in silver foil, and I love the shades of lilac that happen when the same thing is reduced and encased. Copper leaf on its own is ugly, and this bead is one of the reasons I am no longer doing this test. Under encasement the copper leaf looks pretty neat.

I like this with Double Helix glass. The one on the left is aurae, and melting it in and reducing it makes a very nice gold tone, with attractive fuming on the edges. Encase it and you get lavender! Psyche didn't turn out well, but I think I was running out of gas. Triton on the right looks nice under encasement, but I still like the aurae better, especially against the green.

Intense black stayed crisp while EDP and ivory bled. Nice contrast with the EDP and lime green.

Would I buy this color again? Probably. I have a lot of greens but there's always room for one more.

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