Saturday, April 24, 2010

Odds and Ends

I only made a few beads each of the two new transparents from Effetre, mostly because I seem to enjoy working with the pastels and specials more. On the left is green rosette, a very dark emerald green that stands up well in thin layers. The self bead first on the wire is almost black, and it is only near the hole that you can see it isn't. Over clear, green rosette looks about as dark as the next color down, dark teal is. I think dark teal is quite a bit more blue, but would have to dig too far to find out. Over white, the green rosette is applied very thinly indeed and really is staying dark. The line going around the bead is not a crack, it's where i overlapped incompletely when winding on the color. Over ivory, I believe there is just a hint of a grey line, but nothing too glaring.

The black olive is a neat color, but I don't know how many beads I'll be making with it, since I don't have much of a call for brown at the moment. Maybe as part of an animal print? I'll see. In order, a plain bead, one made on a clear core with dots of black olive on the left half and a band of black olive on the right, a white bead treated the same way, and one on ivory.

These are my first experiment using dichroic coated glass. Please, no one laugh. The top bead, I forgot that the dichroic coating goes on the inside unless it's being encased again and I know I don't have enough skill at all to keep from frying the coating while encasing the bead. I got the order right on the bottom bead, and apart from a minor error trying to get used to using a paddle to shape a bead (note to self: don't try to learn two things at once) I'm pretty happy with this bead.

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