Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vetrofond orange sherbet

This is the last of a load of oranges I bought recently. I don't know what I was thinking, unless it was a longing for summer and warmer weather. Vetrofond orange sherbet presents as a bright orange rod with a white core. From previous experience with the cored rods from Vetrofond odd lots, I was extremely careful to preheat this as I was sure the end of the rod would pop off at least once. I needn't have worried, since this color turned out to be surprisingly well behaved. I liked the striated effect so much that I couldn't see spoiling it too much with a whole lot of other treatment. For instance, I don't ever see myself wrapping it in silver foil or using a DH lustre glass on it, so I didn't bother to test for a lot. I did think that EDP and turquoise were likely, so I did these and the results were positive. I especially like the almost nonexistent grey line with the turquoise.

One of the ways to bring out the striation is to manipulate the bead on the mandrel, so the 2nd bead from the left I pulled and repositioned with steel needle nosed pliers then remelted into a round bead. I don't know how well this shows up. Since the material that is used to shape a bead can have an effect on the appearance of the glass, I marvered the cylindrical one with graphite and used my brass lentil press to shape the other. No difference.

I liked using this glass and will make other, summery beads with it. I may not buy more since it may not be available, but if I run out and it is, I will.


  1. I like this orange. I've been having trouble with CiM Clockwork -- canNOT get it to strike -- have you worked with it?

  2. I haven't tried clockwork yet. I read on CiM's website that it can be tricky. CiM pheonix was a good opaque that gave me consistent results and was pretty easy for me to strike. I got this glass from Frantz Art Glass, and the may still be offering it. It was very reasonable.

  3. Another orange that stays fairly transparent is Vetrofond arancio perfecto. I have had very good results with that if the beads were not super small.


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