Sunday, April 18, 2010

Effetre dark pumpkin

These are the only beads I made with this color, because they represent an entire rod of this super shocky color. I got tired of chasing hot chunks of flying glass shards and quit while I still had a "studio." I will say right off the bat I will not be buying this color again, ever. I preheated the heck out of it in every way I knew and it still exploded, and not just in the rod end pops off kind of way but shards flying all over the place. I had a tough time even getting the end of the rod hot enough to start winding it, instead I held pieces in a pair of needle nose pliers and more or less stuck them to the mandrel. Making beads was not a pleasant experience and if this was the first color I worked with, it would have been the last. Strangely enough, this came out as zucca scuro in the "silver challenge" bundle released in December and that rod didn't do this. I am just not willing to risk burning myself or my abode any more.

That having been said only 2 beads are even remotely worth it: the bead in the middle is with dots of DH psyche, melted in and reduced, and the one on the right which is dots of intense black and dots of dark pumpkin on top (this was very tricky to make.) While I like the way both of these turned out, the place can't take another go at trying to make more.

Others may have had other experiences with this color and are welcome to tell me about them in comments, even link in your pictures if you can figure out how.

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  1. Holy crap. Glad I read this. Now hoping I can remember it!


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