Thursday, April 1, 2010

CiM canyon de chelly

It's been a long while since I've posted, primarily because of a bout with the flu and no gas for the torch. It's true: I bought out the home improvement center I work at. I've had a word with the guy who does the ordering and informed him of my expected consumption and he will try to keep me supplied.

I made a lot of beads with this color, primarily because it is billed as highly reactive and that is what I am currently going for. I have to say it changes character dramatically depending on what is done to it. 1 is plain for reference. With 2 through 5, I added a layer of metal to it. 2 is with silver foil, 3 is with silver foil, reduced and encased, 4 is with copper leaf, melted in very thoroughly, and 5 is the same encased. I have recently added copper leaf to my repertoire to see what it does with the colors and haven't formed an opinion yet as to whether I will continue. So far it's a toss-up.

With silver glass, canyon de chelly looks better under encasement. The aurae on the left isn't doing much but I like the triton on the right. The canyon is sort of grey underneath the encasement of both colors.

Ivory didn't do much and the silvered ivory stringer adds a nice textural organic type of thing. Who knew that the EDP would separate the canyon de chelly? Plum silver dark is disappointing.

There is a barely perceptable grey line with the turquoise and copper red green. I'm back to my teardrop shaped stringcutters again, I see.

With CiM tuxedo, the tux spreads and separates the canyon de chelly, like it does with almost everything else. It also bleeds a bit. Intense black isn't doing much of either.

Will I buy this again? Yes, because it is a good background color to have on hand. I have to try a head to head with CiM stoneground, which it reminds me of.

Post amended 5/20/11

I've been playing with CiM Canyon de Chelly a lot, and have come to the conclusion it is a color I can't live without. When I posted this, I was working very small and hadn't had any luck striking it. I've since learned that beads should be about 1cm or larger to strike properly and that it is capable of fascinating colors when it strikes. I got greens, of course, greys, purple even. It reacts with silver and silvered glass, notably Double Helix Psyche. If I want a really astounding neutral, this is my go to.

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  1. This has to be one of my favorite CiM colors. If you have some blue adventurine you should try out putting silver leaf over canyon de chelly and then coating with blue adventurine, awesome reaction.

    By the way your test beads look great!


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