Monday, March 15, 2010

CiM ginger

A new batch of colors came in today, and it's time to go frantic torching.  One I was particularly waiting for was CiM ginger.  It looks pretty close to their butter pecan, and does some strange things.

By itself as the first bead on the mandrel, it comes out pretty much the same color as the rod, maybe a shade lighter.  The next bead was struck with very thin dots of striking red to see if it was a striker.  Nothing here that I could see.  With silver it goes brown, and this lessens under encasement, with no visible effect from reduction.  In this case, I definitely like the DH triton on the other encased bead better reduced.  The pale green and peach is nice.  Aurae went really nasty and baby poop colored.  With copper green, there is the faintest of grey lines, but much less than ivory, which this is supposed to replace, but does not much resemble.  The next bead, which looks a lot like a self one, is actually in combination with CiM butter pecan.  A little explanation is in order.
These are the rods, in the packages.  The lighting in my "studio" is horrible, so I had to adjust the heck out of the light and color levels, but this was pretty close to the way they actually looked in the glass stash, with the original labels.  The butter pecan is pretty consistent, but the ginger shows a lot of variation in the rods.  I wonder if the beads will turn out different.  Usually CiM is much more consistent than this.

Back to the beads.  The next bead is looking very textural with silvered ivory stringer really melted in.  I like this effect.  What surprised me was that there was a slight reaction with ivory, with the ginger going dark where it contacted the ivory.  Curiouser and curiouser.  Ginger separated on intense black, no surprise, but also on EDP, which was.

Further testing is in order.

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