Thursday, March 18, 2010

CiM Thai orchid

CiM Thai orchid has been criticized for being a lot like other colors in this line.  It is, a lot.  Pictured below is a strand by strand comparison between CiM lapis and Thai orchid.  Next to each other, no problem telling them apart, but in a blind taste test, both would taste like glass.  Of course, so would all the other colors I've tried, but the point is the shades are very similar.
 The biggest difference between the two that I can see is how the lapis reacts more with silver foil than the Thai orchid does.  Next up is that I wanted to see what DH aurae did so the Thai orchid row features that.

Thai orchid doesn't do that brownish thing with silver foil, which I am glad of, and the encased beads look very nice.  There is something going on in the aurae unencased bead on the purple but the glass is so dark I can't tell precisely what it is.  I love the way the encased aurae turned out.

Finally, from left to right are with copper green, tuxedo, intense black, ivory, silvered ivory stringer, EDP, and plum silver dark.  I like the way the Thai orchid makes the EDP pop.  Looking at it now, I'll have to do a head to head bead to see if I can tell the difference between plum silver light and Thai orchid.

A very pretty shade of purple, and one I will buy again, because it's purple.

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