Saturday, March 6, 2010

petrified wood

This is another one of Vetrofond's numerous odd lots, which are difficult to come up with now.  This is a shame, since this one is very pretty.  As far as the plain bead is concerned, Effetre rosewood is very similar.    This one really likes silver, but not so much sliver glass. 

1 is plain and is a nice, streaky terracotta.  With silver foil melted in, nice things happen.  2 is with just the foil and 3 is the same under encasement.  I love the shades of purple, blue and green that sit between the layers.  They almost seem to float on the surface.

With silver glass the prettiness is not as evident.  4 is with DH aurae, I think, and 5 is with triton.  What was I thinking doing these roughly the same size, shape and decoration.  Now I am not sure which is which.  There is a slight brown fuming effect on the petrified wood, and both reduced well, but either could be aurae.  I know 6 is with triton encased because I didn't do one in aurae.  I should be thankful I had that much sense.  The triton went somewhat green but it's not so bad against the orangey petrified wood.

The less said about 7, the better.  The dark streaks going across the petrified wood is TE-331.  It didn't strike.  At all.  I need to play with this color more.  8 is with copper green and there is perhaps the faintest of grey lines between the copper green and the petrified wood.  I wish the copper green could have done its separation thing.  That would have been cool.  9 is petrified wood dots on top of intense black dots on top of a petrified wood base.  The intense black stays crisp and the petrified wood goes translucent.  I have to play with this idea and see what happens.  I also have to go back to testing with CiM tuxedo since intense black is too dominant.  10 is with plum silver scrolls and I'm not sure about this one. 

Ivory bleeds a bit into this coral type color but the effect isn't too pronounced, despite what the fuzzy photo says.  11 is silvered ivory stringer and 12 is petrified wood over ivory over petrified wood.  Again, the dots wash out.  I have to find a terracotta type that holds its own over ivory.  Maybe Effetre zucca scuro.  It sure is vibrant.  I'll give it a try.  One thing to note about the combination is that the petrified wood seems to lose its streakiness under the ivory.  That is not the side effect of my lousy photography.

Would I buy this color again?  I wouldn't go out of my way for it.  It is very, very similar to rosewood, which is still available.  Of course, it was 1/3 the price.  Always a plus.  I guess it would depend upon how much glass I was intending to use.

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