Thursday, March 4, 2010

moon rock

Vetrofond must have come up with a lot of neat colors at once, all pretty well sold out.  This one is called moon rock and, while it doesn't say anything about the moon or rocks to me, it's still a great color and one I will be using again.  It seems a lot like painted desert in yesterday's post but without the purple tone.  The rods are a medium grey, with a core of yellow surrounded by a layer of something dark, followed by grey, dark again, and a thick layer of grey.  One of these days I ought to pull and manipulate the glass on the mandrel like I had to with sweet lime to get these layers to show, but for now I'll just go with the color itself.  Interestingly, one of the rods in the 1/4 lb. I got was a light purplish beige.  I should also test this one to see if it comes out different.

1 is plain, with some streaks that don't show up very well, naturally.

Moon rock likes silver, especially under encasement.  There's a great texture and fuming.  3 is with just silver foil and 4 is with silver foil that was reduced and encased in clear.  Of course, the only part of the bead that shows the wonderful green and blue shades this produces is lost in shadow and reflection.  I am going to do a lot of these.

Moon rock also likes DH triton.  I'll have to try other silver glasses.  I don't know about Reichenbach magic, but the TE colors might be neat.  It is good in both 5, which is reduced and encased in clear, and I like this effect and 6, which is just reduced to such a mirror that I can see the turquoise bead next to it.  The brown fuming is tolerable and I can see some of the base color underneath.  It's almost like it was burned into the bead.

It reacts somewhat to copper colors, as shown with the turquoise and copper green.  A thin grey line forms and the moon rock dots on top of the copper colors separate.  Not the worst I've seen but something to remember.

Ivory seems to be pretty compatible with moon rock.  There is some fuming from the silver in 8, which is with silvered ivory stringer, and the silver isn't as pronounced as it is in some of the other beads I've done.  Check out how the ivory spreads and bleeds in 9.  The moon rock just sort of disappears on top of it.  It seems like it's trying to separate, so I don't know.

10 is with intense black dots covered by more moon rock.  The moon rock is translucent over the black and the black stays crisp on the moon rock.  Good to know.  Plum silver didn't act as dramatically in 11 as it did with painted desert.  Perhaps a little fuming, but I don't think so.  But it's not ugly.  12 is with EDP and I am happy to see it does nothing ugly with gold.  There is a reaction line on the moon rock buy I can live with this.  What is different is the bleeding the EDP seems to be doing.

Post update:  This is a striking color and it is possible to manipulate this on the mandrel to bring the colors to the surface.  The first 2 beads on the wire are painted desert, but the 3rd is moon rock manipulated and marvered and the 4th is the bead from the off color rod in the package.  It does look like an entirely different color.  I had this with sweet strawberry.  The moon rock rods are the bottom 2, with the "normal" in the middle and the reddish one below.

Would I buy it again?  Yes.  Will it be available?  Who knows.

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