Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CiM lapis

Ah, a color I can really sink my teeth into, CiM lapis.  It is a whole lot more violet than the Effetre shade by the same name but is a beauty nonetheless.  The rods are wildly different in size, and I usually pick the smallest to do my test beads with, which results in very small beads in this case.  By itself, lapis is a very dark, streaky blue violet.

With silver, it looks a bit like the night sky, excpet for a brownish interaction (clouds?)  I will either continue to try to use silver without doing this or only use this color when I can live with this effect.  It is a pity, since it is the only mar to a beautiful color.

With DH triton, I did get one weird effect.  The glass in contact with the triton scrolls went almost as metallic as the triton itself.  This showed up rather well, even with my budget-friendly camera.  I usually don't like the lime green reduction under encasement triton can get, but here I do very much.

There is no reaction with copper green and I rather like the combination.  Very springy if the snow ever melts.  Tuxedo is doing its separation thing, and I like this as well.  It reminds me of a bearded face looking at me.  With intense black, this effect is, well, intensified.  I wonder if intense black and tux are related?  With ivory there is nothing to remark upon except that my stringer work has not improved.  The silvered ivory stringer was more done for laughs than anything else, and nothing happened.  I do like the way the EDP seemed to soak up some of the purple from the blue to appear more purple than it does by itself.  Finally, the last bead is with plum silver dark dots, melted in and reheated gently to see if lapis would develop the metallic sheen that some folks commented on.  For me, it didn't, but once again my cylinder is dropping pressure.

Will I buy this again?  Oh, yes.  It happens to be my favorite shade of purple, called by whatever name.

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  1. I love using this color, never tried using foil with it but now I'm wishing we still had some of the color left!


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