Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vetrofond wasabi

St. Patrick's Day is coming so it's time to drag all the green out of the glass stash.  The color by itself is very similar to CiM olive, but apparently originated from a weird batch of their yellow ochre.  I should have tested it with turquoise but didn't care for the color combination in my head.  I may yet.

Bead 1 is by itself.  It is a real Spanish olive color.  I like it better in 2 with silver foil melted in.  Adds a bit of surface texture and interest.  3 seems to be the best of this group, with silvered ivory stringer.  I don't know which is reacting to the silver more, the ivory or the wasabi.
These are with ivory, CiM tuxedo, and copper red green.  I sorta like the combination of the olive with the purplish, but name a color I don't like better with purple.  Still, none of these really does much for me.

7 is with DH triton, reduced and encased in clear.  I don't care for this combination, but neat things are going on in the triton, with blues, pinks, and greens, including lime.  Not enough contrast.  8 is with triton again, just reduced.  I got a tiny bit of webbing  and I like it better than under clear.  9 is wtih DH psyche now that I learned to strike it, and there is some webbing and the psyche reduction looks nice.

On these I was trying to see if I was going to get any special effects.  10 is with intense black dots and more wasabi on top.  Some webbing is aparent on the top dots.  11 is with dark silver plum, just to see if it would do anything neat.  It didn't, but it's DSP.  I like that pretty much no matter what it is on.

Will I buy more again?  I don't know.  It is a valuable color to have in my palette but for me it is not something I would want to make scads of beads out of.


  1. I should have tested it with turquoise but didn't care for the color combination in my head.

  2. Hey dude, I think this is really a nice game. But I need to learn how to strike it and learn everything about it to enjoy.

  3. Striking Double Helix colors is a real challenge. There are some hints at the Double Helix website, but for right now I'm mostly sticking to triton, aurae, and psyche, all of which work pretty well on my HotHead torch.

  4. Hey buddy this is a real challenging game. I love to take challenges and play. The hints given are very valuable.

  5. A remarkable Double Helix color is a real challenge. There are few hints at the Double Helix website, but for at the moment I'm mostly attached to triton.


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