Sunday, March 14, 2010

finally, the right size

OK, I finally got it.  karola commented to try marking the mandrels with sharpie to get a specific size, but I quickly found out that sharpie marker burns off.  What does it is marking the mandrels, then making small beads on the ends to mark the spot, then filling them in.  Major accomplishment for me!  I am happy.  It doesn't take much.

Actually, the internet has been down and this has cramped my style in numerous ways, since a fault of my character is that I tend to obsess.  Without an internet it has been impossible for me to work at all, since all I can think of is that it is down.  No one, including me, wants to hear about all this so, Yay!  I made a bead I'm finally happy with and can move on to other things.

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