Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Effetre grasshopper

Effetre 213 grasshopper doesn't look like any grasshopper I've ever seen, except the pie.  Maybe that's what they were thinking of with this color that falls between 212 pea green and 214 nile green.  I don't think it really does that, either, since it is a bit bluer than both.  It reminds me of what happens when you feather white stringer into nile green.  I'll be honest, the yellow tone I associate with pea green doesn't do it for me, so I haven't any.  It is supposed to be a premium color but is now machine pulled so I don't know what this means.  But I like the color.

1 is plain, to see what it looks like before I start fooling with it.

2 is with silver foil, melted it.  I love the textural component, and the tinges of purple in the middle of the affected areas are an attractive contrast.  3 is with silver foil, reduced and encased.  My camera doesn't capture the lilac and pink tones you sometimes get under encasement very well, so if you can see them here, it is pronounced indeed.  I like it.  4 is with silvered ivory stringer and it's an OK combination but nothing to make stringer for.  5 is with ivory and it's OK again.  If it's part of the design I'm working on, I know there will be no reaction.  I wouldn't make this bead for its own appeal.

6 is with DH triton, reduced and encased.  There's nothing ugly about this bead, and the fade from the incomplete reduction of the triton is interesting against the green, which goes paler under encasement.  I think a much more interesting bead is 7.  On this one I trailed triton and reduced it.  The silver in the triton fumed the grasshopper to a more attractive brown than usual and the purple and green tones are nice against it.  I would do this again.

Here are some colors I can see myself using against this glass.  8 is with intense black and there isn't any spreading or webbing to speak of.  9 is with 236 dark turquoise and there is an interesting yellowish reduction (?) in the turquoise and a grey line where the 2 meet.  10 was a bit of a surprise.  I've never got EDP to strike so easily and darkly.  It's the same stringer I've been using all along.  No explanation that I can think of.  A nice combination for spring.
Will I buy this color again?  Yes, when my current stash runs out.  I like this shade and think it is a valuable addition to my palette.  Copper green and nile green are similar but each is darker and greener in its own way than this.  This, for me is a perfect spring green, and I will be using it again.  I wonder what it does with yellow?

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