Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Effetre coral Martian strata

This is one of Effetre's numerous corals that they came up with a while back, Martian strata. Strata is the right word, since it is arguably the streakiest of the lot. It heats nicely and looks pretty decent on its own, but I like it best with silver and silver glass. And CiM tuxedo. The plain bead on the left is pretty indicative of how it turns out if you don't fool with it, but I wouldn't be me if I didn't fool with it.

With silver foil melted in, it does the usual thing, with the purple and blue thing under encasement that I really like. I tried to reduce the bead under encasement uniformly, and obviously wasn't very successful. I wonder whether the purple is incompletely reduced or the yellow is? Or which is over-reduced? OK, now this is annoying me. The beige isn't bad, but it wasn't what I was hoping for and I want to know what I did so I don't do it again. Next time.

With silver glass it looks pretty good on its own, and I'm glad I gave DH psyche a try as well as the triton. I love the color sheens I got on reduction. Under encasement, the triton is doing its green thing. I wish I could reduce it just to turquoise or lavender. With practice comes skill.

The coral and turquoise is a better combination than the copper green. Both have that grey line, but again, no where near like is achieved with turquoise and ivory. With CiM tuxedo, the coral is separating like crazy. I love it.

That effect isn't as pronounced in the next bead with Martian strata over intense black over Martian strata. The top dots are separating a little but here's my color that holds its own on intense black. Everything spreads on ivory, perhaps because it is so soft. Plum silver isn't looking very plum, nor is it very metallic. It was a nice try. Note I had no luck at all striking the TE-331 stringer with clear dots. I couldn't hope lightening would strike twice, could I?

A nice color. I would buy it again as an alternative to the more expensive rosewood, which it resembles a lot. It is a little darker and murkier and thus, to me, not as attractive, but in a setting where this doesn't matter this is a better color. If I run out, would I buy more? I don't know, since there are an awful lot of corals around.

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