Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vetro gunmetal

This is a tough color to photograph, especially with my cheapie camera.  Here goes.  Vetrofond gunmetal,  aha! promises implied.  Metallic effect, neat reaction, something neat.  What I got:  another black.  I don't have a good shop for coaxing the best out of colors, but I wanted something.  On the left, Vetrofond gunmetal and on the right, CiM gunmetal.  And a unique at that, supposed to not produce the effect as easily as with the standard.  No matter how I look at it, the Vetro gunmetal is just black.  It is not a failure of the camera but an effect of the glass.  Heated gently for an extended time, black.  This is the first bead.  Maybe it reduces; this is the second bead.  I put a drop of aurae on to check.  Nothing.  Does it do anything neat with ivory?  Apparently not.  Now we get into the CiM.  I have had decent luck with this supposedly difficult color, probably since my HotHead reduces and burns cooler than pros' torches.  I can see a sheen.  It is even slightly evident in my lousy picture.  Next is reduced as before.  In order to distinguish between the 2 colors, I put a dot of ivory on the CiM beads.  I didn't know I would get a reaction, but I like it.  I din't get anything on the reduced bead other than this great reaction, but I will try it again.  I have to do it this way since the ivory and CiM gunmetal bead did nothing.

Final analysis, I will buy any gunmetal except Vetrofond.  It isn't doing anything for me.

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