Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CiM chai unique

Now this color I'm much happier about.  Chai:  a tea based beverage infused with spices and full of sweet milky goodness.  The color isn't like any tea I've ever brewed, and I've brewed a few batches of chai, but the color is nice.  This unique is a pink reminiscent of CiM desert pink, which is bead 11, but I precede myself.
1 is plain, unencased.
2 is encased with effetre super clear.
3 is with silver foil melted in.  I can't quite show the texture in this picture.  The color is very nice indeed, but the texture reminds me of something nasty.
4 is with silver foil, melted in and encased with super clear.  Interestingly enough, the silver reaction was subdued as I encased it.  This was actually visible as I encased the bead.  I've never had this happen before.   It was as if the encasement sank the silver into the depths of the bead.
5 is with triton, melted in and reduced.  Something brown happened to the pink, and while it is more true to the color of chai, the beverage, I'm not sure I like it in this color.
6 is with aurae (OK, I ran out of triton stringer or I would have used that) melted in, reduced and encased in super clear.  There is a distinct muddiness which I can't say I care for.
7 is with ivory.  Seashell beads, anyone?  No reaction and neat color combo.
8 is with copper green red.  One bad thing about photo software is that it can't do everything for you.  This bead has tones of green and blue that are not visible in my picture and any efforts to emphasize these characteristics made the rest of the pictures nasty.  Trust me, it looks better in real life than it does here.
9 is with turquoise.  I never noticed how much the turquoise spreads before.  I wish it didn't, since this color combo looks nice in real life.
10 is with CiM hades.  I know this spreads.  If I were to want to make a bead with this combo, which is very attractive, I would have to pay very careful attention to this characteristic. 
11, again, is CiM desert pink, which is ever so close to this color.  In fact, let me post the whole review.
I won't bore by reposting what I already did, but there is a lot of similarity.  There is a little separation on the hades bead which I didn't catch before, though.

My overall impression is that I would buy this color again, if it were available.  It is a nice shade of tawny pink.  It works for me.

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