Saturday, February 20, 2010

effetre metallic black

This is one that everyone but me knows how it looks and what it does, and has switched to dark silver plum or gunmetal to save on cost, but I had to do it. It is similar to dark silver plum in the lustre that it creates and the method I have to do it on my HotHead, but the tonality involved is very different in a subtle sort of way. Does that sentence make sense?
1 is by itself heated very gently for quite a while to really make it pearlize as much as it was going to.
2 is the same bead with dark silver plum scrolls. The plum predominates on the visual impact and this is the real difference.
3 is encased, and the pearly effect was lost, with no surprises all around.
4 is with copper green red and this is a beautiful bead. The color is like a moon on the water or something equally poetic. Just plain pretty.
5 is on top of Effetre intense blue. I still have some kinks to work out on my lentil press. Pressing the bead does accentuate the pearly process, which is what I was trying to find out.
6 is with triton and 7 is with aurae. They are supposed to be brother and sister and they seem to be on these beads. On 6 you have steel and on 7 you have purpley gold. On both beads, the pearl effect is extinguished where it comes in direct contact with the silver glass.
8 is with opal yellow stringer because the plain ivory was buried under a pile of other stringer. This says a lot about my worktable and something about the colors. The two aren't all that much alike, are they? Interesting zoo effect, though.
9 is with sis and all I can say about this bead is that it is prettier in real life. What was I thinking?
10 is on Effetre sedona as stringer. Getting the metallic black to do its thing while not devitrifying the sedona was no mean feat, and I like this color combination. A sucessful bead, all in all.
11 was with EDP stringer, and all I can say in my defense is that the EDP struck nicely. Getting the metallic black to go all pearly and not devitrifying the EDP is something I dare anyone to try.

Will I buy this glass again? Yes, when my current stock runs out. How much will I use? I don't know.


  1. I think this might be the first time seeing this color used lol. Looks like fun and I like how it looks by itself a lot, might order it with our next order. I think it was Gunmetal that people were talking about on LE about the shiny finish coming off if using soap to clean the beads but I might be wrong about the color. Anywho your tests look great!

  2. Thank you for the input. I am so new to this any encouragement is a godsend. I think it was gunmetal that the finish might come off on, but this is actually a physical, textural change on the surface of the bead, like with Effetre dark silver plum. I haven't tried, but I think the only thing that would take the finish off it is etching. I've been wearing a bracelet with dark silver plum to the point where the pewter plating is wearing off the clasp and the only change to the beads is a bit of dirt around the holes (sound of washing jewelry) ;-)


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