Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Effetre buttered popcorn (?)

I'm not so sure on the label on this color.  Did someone put the wrong label on the glass I got?  The rods look like an ordinary white, and melting this is like a CiM peace.  I did get a buttered popcorn effect on bead 2, but that was with silver foil melted in.  I'll go on to the pictures and come back to the name.

1 is plain.  I knew I wasn't getting any yellow streaks, so I struck it, reduced it, tried to strike it again, and nothing.  I'm not sure how the bead picture on Frantz Art Glass' catalog was made but it wasn't with my setup.
2 is with silver foil melted in.  There is a distinct yellow streakiness without any silvery character.  I wonder if this is how they did it.  Either that or I like too much butter on my popcorn.
3 is with silver foil melted in and encased in Vetrofond clear.  The yellow thing from the silver went all over the place.
4 is plain and encased with vetro clear.  Nothing.
5 is encased with Effetre light brown transparent.  I wondered if silver reactor glass might do something on this glass, and while the light brown looked lovely while it melted in, the finished bead didn't do much.
6 is me getting confused.  I thought I was going to try it with a color, any color, to see if it did anything and the only transparent to hand was Effetre pale green apple.  Why I thought this would help anything is beyond me.
7 is with Effetre intense black.  The popcorn dots separated in a cool way on the black.
8 is with Effetre dark turquoise.  The popcorn dots separated a bit but nothing reacted.  With more yellow to the tone, this would be a good substitute for ivory.  But not enough color to count.
9 is with Effetre ivory.  I can't say what happened with the annealing bubble sticking to the ivory.  Apparently it was no longer glowing and firm enough not to move but far from set.
10 is with Effetre copper green.  At least this bead is shaped more attractively.
11 is with DH aurae, melted in, reduced and encased in clear.  This isn't doing anything for me.  It goes in the reject bin.  Pretty soon I'll be able to start my own bead curtain.
12 is with aurae again, melted in and reduced.  The aurae is a pretty gold here, at least.
13 is with dark silver plum scrolls. 
14 is with EDP scrolls.

So, where do I think the name came from?  I believe there is either a different batch, or simply this color isn't meant to be worked on my setup.  I can't work anything in an oxidizing flame, so maybe that has something to do with it.  Maybe the size of the bead makes a difference, because I do tend to work small.  I'll stick this back in the glass stash and see if anything changes over time.

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