Friday, February 26, 2010

Effetre green dreemz

One of the dangerous things about Frantz Art Glass' site is they sometimes post yummie pictures of the beads.  Then I have to buy the glass to see what I can do.  This is one of those colors.  The swirls of darkness in the clear green.  Mesmerizing.  My results are pretty lame, but here goes:

1 is plain, 2 is encased over clear, with the streaks showing nicely.  3 is encased with clear, and the lightening of the color allowed the streaks to show a little, but I do like 4 over white better.  I didn't realize that the streaks were actually dark blue in green transparent.  You can just about catch this effect on the left side of the bead.  5 is with ivory and I'm happy to see it didn't do anything ugly.  6 is with copper green and there is a very slight lightening of the copper green where it touches the transparent.  7 is a disappointment.  The bead has a core of white, encased in green dreemz, triton decoration, reduced (too much) and encased again in clear.  I had to try it.  The last bead is essentially the same one without the encasement.  I like it better.  Still, this is a bit of lily gilding.  I think the best bead of the set is plain, over white, just the combination of the promo picture.  I wonder what it looks like over, say a very pale blue of yellow?


  1. I love how the green is really streaky especially over the white!

  2. Thank you. Shame it's such a lousy picture. It's a very pretty glass.

  3. Oh, I am jealous of the colours you have available over there! I'm in the UK and our suppliers don't get half the colours Frantz does (and customs and shipping makes it non-ideal to order from him). I adore streaky greens!

    (Hi, I am a newbie who loves reading colour testing blogs :))

  4. I'm happy you posted. Thank you for letting me know how lucky I am. Today, I needed this. I am new to this, too, which is why I am so obsessive about new colors and anxious to get everything down before it goes away into the great black hole of "I think I did that..." I check the Frantz Art Glass blog and every other blog I can and also keep an eye on the manufacturers. Great Britain doesn't have any manufacturers that I know of but plenty of first class artists. Claire Rowanberry Morris is awesome and I cringe to fall in her shadow. Check out the artists doing tests for color, for instance, CiM, and keep an eye on them. Inspiration comes when you least expect it.


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