Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vetrofond river rock

It's not really fair posting this, since there's no way of knowing if this color will be available, but I bought some on a frequent buyer program and was just itching to give it a run.  The rods are very big, about 9mm, and I was paranoid about shocking them, but, happily it seems to be a very easy color to work.  The rods are a toffee color and melt to a streakier opal yellow color if nothing is done to them.  Add just about any glass and stuff starts to happen.  I got 3 rods in the 1/4 lb., so 1 I'll play with, and the other 2 I'll save until I know what I am doing or I buy more.  And right from the start, I'll buy more if it becomes available.  This is what I thought dark ivory should be.  The beads:

1 is plain, really streaky if only at the ends.
2 is reduced, and I marked it with a dot of DH aurae just in case I couldn't tell the difference.  Reducing it seems to lighten it.
3 is with silver foil melted in and left alone.
4 is with silver foil, melted in, reduced and encased in vetro clear.  There are lilac, verdigris, and metallic silver tints that just don't show up on film.
5 is with DH triton scrolls, melted in and reduced.  The river rock seems to separate and swallow the triton like a dark ivory on steroids.
6 is essentially the same bead encased in clear.  A nice bead, but the same characteristics apply.
7 is with CiM tuxedo.  No real issues.  I meant to try this with intense black dots on dots.  Rats.  So many beads to make, so little time.  If it looks really neat I'll add it to this post.
8 is with copper green.  Aside from the obvious shaping issue, the predictable line between the 2 occurred.  What was a surprise was how the copper green lost its color.  No, this isn't the picture.
9 is with sis scrolls.
10 is with EDP scrolls.  I knew it was going to get ugly, but this goes all black and comes out the other side.
11 is with Reichenbach magic.  In this case, the blueblack that develops is attractive and accentuates the magic.  I don't know if I got as much out of this color as I could have, but I am happy overall with the result.
12 is with dark silver plum, and essentially all that happened is that the river rock tried to swallow the plum and went all separated.

What else is there to say about this color?  A lot, I'm sure, but nothing I can think of at this moment.  It acts like a super reactive super dark ivory that I am definitely glad I have in my repertoire and wish I had more of.


  1. Oohhh I like this color! Great testing! Seeing all the tests you do makes me want to go on a buying spree haha. Number 8 looks like it would be great for a masked dot bead :)

  2. I absolutely love your blog and all your tests. Hands down, one of the most valuable tools a beginning lampworker could have!

  3. Thank you for your kind comments. I love testing colors and getting feedback even more. One of the reasons I'm testing is because I feel a compulsion to buy every color of glass ever and another is that I want to share my experience as a newb and want to keep my eyes open for inspiration from others as well.


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