Thursday, February 25, 2010

Effetre whisper

Effetre whisper, looking very intriguing in the sample bead and pretty neat to add to my repertoire in general. It is nearly clear, with just a hint of gold pink, and a viscous quality that my cheap camera doesn't do justice to.

The first bead is just by itself. The second is reduced. I made it larger so I could tell the 2 apart in case the similarity was too great. No chance. 3 is with intense black dots, because I could see doing this. The black doesn't quite take over the bead. 4 is with copper red green. There is a red shift here, accentuated by the layering of whisper dots over the red. The green dots are more pronounced than this picture lets on. 5 is over ivory. I figured the color was a gold pink and this bead proves it. Still, because of the lack of intensity in the color this is an effect I might just use if it is reproducible. 6 is with EDP stringer. The EDP almost seemed to feed the whisper, even while it was being worked. I wonder what it would do with 456 rubino oro or veiled rubino? The last bead is with DH aurae, melted in and reduced. I was expecting it to go all yellow and wasn't surprised when it did. Would I do this on purpose on a bead? I don't know.

This is a neat color that I like the apparent viscosity of in the finished bead. How much I will use and whether I'll buy more if I run out I don't know. I'm glad I have some in my repertoire.

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