Monday, February 15, 2010

Effetre yellow ochre

I'll be honest from the start, mustard yellow is not my favorite color, and this is an absolutely perfect yellow mustard ready to go on the hot dog color. It held no surprises as far as my expectations go, and I was not even tempted to get out the silver glass for it, although I bet it does that purple thing I like. I just can't work up the enthusiasm. I have a quarter pound, and I have used about 1/3 of a rod. I will probably still have that amount next year at this time. Negative enough? It's not the glass. It's me.
1 is plain and unencased.
2 is plain and encased with Effetre clear. Like mustard, it remains vivid even when diluted.
3 is with silver foil, melted in. I think this is the most attractive bead of the bunch, primarily because it is covered in silver and has a neat texture.
4 is with silver foil, melted in and encased in Effetre super clear. The same rod that was giving me problems. Figures on the color I don't like it has no scum. I must have got past the dodgy part. I don't like this as much as unencased because the texture is no longer there.
5 is with Effetre dark turquoise. The grey line making an outline around each of the components is there, was expected, and may be the only reason I use this glass. I have seen some nice work with this color combination, notably by Mike Poole. My stringer placement is horrible, which Mr. Poole's is anything but.
6 is with copper green. I hate to waste copper green since it's such a fabulous color and I didn't get anything I didn't expect, but this bead is neat in that the yellow goes sort of orangeish where it contacts the green on the dots only, not the green on the orange.
7 is with ivory. Nothing earth shattering here. The ivory bleeds and the yellow "stains" it.
8 is with CiM hades. Hades spreads. A lot. This is good in this case, since, in case I didn't mention it, I'm not overly fond of this color and I like black much better. No nasty reactions, though.
Finally, 9 is with plum silver dark stringer, almost entirely melted in and reheated gently to bring out an iridescence on the plum. It looks almost black. I don't know what I was hoping for.

My overall impression is that I am perfectly content with the quantity of this glass that I have. I may use it in combination with turquoise or copper green if I decide I need that look for a piece of jewelry that I have to make to get it out of my head but I will probably not buy more of this color. I had to try it, I did, and now I don't have to any more.

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