Sunday, February 21, 2010

Effetre sedona

Here's a color that I think is pretty, although others may disagree, Effetre sedona.  At its best its a complex light purple.  Purple.  What's not to love.  It does ugly things with silver.  I can live with this.  Here are the pix:  1 on its own.  2 encased. 3  with silver.  Did I mention it does ugly things with silver?  Now you know.  4 is with silver foil, melted in and encased.  Talk about wasting glass.  5 is with aurae, melted in and reduced.  See the comment for bead 3.  6 is same encased.  Why I thought this would make a difference I have no idea.  7 is  with ivory.  I was having complex heat and stringer control problems here, but I believe the general effect is that since sedona is a gold bearing glass it will not play nice with ivory.  That having been said, it did neat things in the one I did with sis on the separate picture, but that was intended to have a separate decoration.  8 is with copper green, and I do not believe I have had a color that shoves it to the back burner like this one did.  Wild.  9 is with CiM tuxedo.  Again, black is usually a color you have to be careful with.  Not so on this baby.  She holds her own.  10 is with metallic black scrolls.  One thing that is very difficult to do, with its tendency to devitrify, is "strike" metallic black, or plum silver, for that matter.

Still, a great color, and when my current stock runs out I will be buying more.  Did I mention I like purple?


  1. oooh, very cool that you did this demo. I'm just learning this and your color tests look fantastic!

  2. Thank you. I thought you had been at this for a while from the quality of your stuff. I love your page. Keep it coming!


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