Sunday, February 7, 2010

flowers and snow

Here is a pair of delicate silver earrings of CiM dirty martini with rose and leaf decoration I just listed on etsy.  I was very happy with how they turned out and had to list them with or without a decent photograph.  I will eventually get around to sorting out the stuff I was doing yesterday while the mid-Atlantic region was getting pounded with snow.  My thoughts are with my friends in the area and how they made out.  In NJ, we did get a blizzard every couple of years, but generally it was along the lines of "remember that storm in '94 when we got 35"?"  And then you spend the rest of your lunch hour arguing about whether it was '93 or '94, or was it '95, and how many inches were bestowed on the area of the state we were in.  Here 3 feet of snow is still a major drag but the area infrastructure is more prepared to deal with it.

Sorry, guys.  We'll get it next time, promise.  Hope everyone enjoys the Super Bowl today.

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