Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CiM mink

This is a versatile color that I had to try but I can't see using much of.  A friend asked me if I could make some koala bear beads and this would be the perfect base color if I was capable of making sculptural stuff other than fish.
1 is plain, 2 over white, 3 over ivory, 4 with silver foil, melted in and 5 is the same, encased.  There is an attractive greenness to it that, naturally, doesn't show up well in this picture. 6 is with intense black dots, 7 is with copper green and 8 is with triton, melted in, partially reduced, and encased.  I like the only barely reduced part and wish I could have got more definition in the lines of triton.  9 is with triton, just reduced and 10 is with ivory stringer, melting all over the place as I tried to apply it.  I have to practice this some more.  It might be a good cow bead.  Actually, that is what this color is--the perfect Brown Swiss color.  Chocolate milk, anyone?

Right now I'm on a drama kick and it's hard to get excited over a neutral.  I'll look at these pictures again when I'm in a different mood.

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