Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vetrofond E.L.O.

A brand new color from Vetrofond! Frantz Art Glass calls it E. L. O. for extra light olive. My initial impression on viewing it in the rod form was that it was similar to CiM dirty martini. Not so much. Upon using it, I have come to the conclusion that it was an ivory that didn't turn out the way they thought it was going to. From that I'll go on to the bead pix because they say it all.

1 is plain spacer. If it were sitting on the table by itself I would think it was ivory.
2 is encased with Effetre super clear and I am still thinking ivory, even more so with the pinkish tone that seems to have occured with encasement.
3 is with silver foil melted in
4 is with silver foil melted in and encased.
5 is with turquoise. Note the grey line. I should have photographed my turquoise and ivory test bead for comparison.
6 is with intense black. I think it is interesting that the black remains crisp and clear and the ELO is curdled on top of it, kinda like ivory.
7 is with ivory, half ivory and half ELO, dots of each upon the other. With the lousy picture I took, the two are fairly indistinguishable.
8 is with dirty martini, separated with SIS, since the rods looked so much alike. Melted, they look very different. This says a lot about my skills in stringer application, but even more about how the finished bead will look. Look at it when it melts.
9 is with DH triton, encased in clear. Not much to look at, is it?
10 is with triton, on its own and reduced. The ELO goes yellowish, like ivory will in contact with silver. I believe this is indeed an ivory variant.

My overall impression: the jury is out. It is a nice color and I may find something that it does better than anything else, but for my money I'll take the other colors if I can save a few pennies. It isn't distinguished enough to make sure I always have some on hand.

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