Thursday, February 4, 2010

CiM cranberry dark and CiM rose quartz

I've determined to get over myself so what follows are my result with some of my new colors.  First up, from CiM, cranberry pink unique-2, dark.  I really like this color, if for no other reason than I can't cook it no matter how hard I try.  No livery spots, no butterscotch, it's idiot-proof, in other words, me-proof.  The first bead on the left is plain, and admittedly underworked because I was worried about burning it.  The second is encased with clear.  This one I did heat a lot, and no change.  The third, encased over clear, and I did not melt it in as far as I could have but the color still struck.  The next was encased over white, and since I didn't reheat it as far as I could have I was worried about it striking.  No worries.  Next up is with silver glass; aurae on the left and triton on the right.  Looks good but I like the aurae better than the triton.  Must try this again and really see what it does.  Ivory over cranberry.  I wanted to see if the ugly gold pink reaction happened.  I think it did, but underneath the ivory so it can't be seen.  Black over cranberry.  Not a lot of contrast, but cranberry is dark.  Plum silver dark stringer on cranberry.  I thought this might look nice.  Copper green and cranberry.  Funny, I thought something dramatic would happen.  The cranberry is saturated enough to show up on the copper, though, which is worth noting.  TE-362 stringer on it, which doesn't show up well on this photo.  This is supposed to be a ruby color and I think it sort of does this.  Last up is EDP on cranberry, just because.  I don't like this color combination and knew it wouldn't react.  Why did I make this bead?  No idea.
CiM rose quartz original.  I got a unique version of this originally, and like it for encasing since the color is not as reactive as the Effetre pinks and neither is it as peachy.  But you can work it to kingdom come and it doesn't really get the translucency that is one of the hallmarks of this color.  The unique is sort of more of a blush.  This I like more but I think I have enough pinks now for a while, but don't quote me.  The first bead on the mandrel is a self spacer.  The second is encased in clear.  The third is over white, and it is interesting to note that the translucency is still visible even with the thinness of the application.  The fourth bead was a pleasant surprise.  This is with copper green and there is no wierdness, and the dots of pink on green are still visible.  The 5th bead is with triton stringer, reduced and encased in clear.  The triton went all greenish, which looks nice on the pink.  The 6th bead is a poorly shaped bead with vetrofond dark ivory.  I was expecting some kind of dramatic, ugly reaction and nothing happened.  This is good to know.  The pink spots on the ivory are nearly invisible, though.  The EDP on the 7th bead sort of spread over everything and it's hard to see the rose quartz underneath.  That having been said I would like to try this again with finer stringer.  The second bead from the right is mixed with CiM hades and hades didn't seem to spread as much as it did on the desert pink.  But the pink disappeared when applied over the black.  The last bead on the mandrel is one I knew I was going to like, with aurae stringer, reduced.  I must say I will buy both these colors again.

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