Monday, February 8, 2010

new earrings

Not being satisfied with only trying one way of doing things, I had to go and modify the rose cane I think I finally got the hang of.  Who says roses have to be red, or pink, or whatever.  The concept of peach roses appeals, especially to include some of the coral tones, but first I had to do blue.  There is no such thing as a true blue rose.  This cane is made from white and CiM simply berry, layered instead of just encased.  I like how complex the flowers seem.  I will do this again.  The base is Effetre alexandrite special, to capture some of the lavender blue color shift.  These were just listed on Etsy.
I need to do some work on backgrounds.  Right now I'm just using a piece of white cloth and a dished steel candleholder because I like the contrast with the glass.  Some folks like to use paper or other stuff they have lying around.  I know, after my photography session that highly reflective surfaces don't work, and I see this to some effect with the white cloth.  It tends to make the brightness and contrast hard to adjust.  More experiments to come when I get a chance.

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