Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Effetre yellow opal

Today is Mardi Gras, which we all know means beads!  So, I am allowing myself 2 posts.  This color has been haunting me since I want to explore its unique place in the color spectrum.  The rods are an unassuming beigey yellow, and the beads work up to, surprisingly enough, about the same color.  But what a color.  I've been working with all kinds of colors, be they beige, pink, yellow, purple, green, or whatever.  This one thrills me.  Not because it does anything spectacular, but because it is.  I got CiM stoneground because it was supposed to be close to it, but it really isn't.  I may wind up using stoneground more, because it does neat things with silver that yellow opal doesn't.  What this color does is fill a unique place in my spectrum.  Frankly, the price will keep me down to using a moderate amount of it, but this is the yellow I've been searching for.  OK,enouth raving, here are the beads.
1 is plain and unencased.
2 is encased with effetre clear.  There is a pink tinge to the encased beads which I think is a characteristic of effetre super clear.  I'll roll with it for now.
3 is with silver foil, melted down and encased in effetre clear.
4 is with silver foil, melted in.  I was surprised that it didn't maintain more of a silver character.
5 is with DH aurae, melted in somewhat and reduced.  This is gold.
6 is with aurae, melted in, reduced, and encased with super clear.  Not quite the purplish reaction I was expecting.
7 is with SIS.
8 is with ivory.
9 is with CiM hades.  The black doesn't spread as much as I thought it would.  Is OY a spreader?
10 is with effetre dark turquoise 236.  Yep, it is.
11 is with copper green red.  I like that the copper green red remained in its red phase for this one.  I don't know how I would have dealt with green, which is why I din't go with the plain version of copper green.  There is a faint grey line on the turquoise, so I think it would have done a pale imitation of this, snce it tried to on the copper green red, but I don't know.   I don't know if I'll find out, since I like this combination.
Finally, 12 is with plum silver dark.  Just because.  The plum silver was tough to set, but this was not unexpected because my torch seems to be running hot and the "easy" colors are getting tougher.

Will I buy this color agan?  Yes, because I like it.

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