Friday, February 5, 2010

CiM tamarind unique

CiM tamarind unique 1 looked sort of shimmery in the rod form but more of a mud color in the bead.  Aside from the shaping issues in the first bead, this plain bead developed a neat blush, for lack of a better word, with striking.  The second bead is with silver foil melted in, which went sort of greenish yellow as is so plainly not shown in the picture.  This effect was entirely lost in the third bead, which is melted in silver foil and encased - fairly well, for me - in clear.  I like the way tamarind separated in the next bead, combined with CiM hades.  The black spread a little but I'm beginning to expect this with this color.  With ivory, no reaction and the colors behaved like good children and kept to their own side of the seat.  The copper green bead next up looks more turquoise than copper but this is consistent and creamy, so if it is a reaction I would expect it not to be so uniform.  Maybe it's a function of how I heated the green.  The last bead is TE-362 stringer on tamarind, which looks pretty indistinguishable, melted in and given my best effort at striking without reducing to oblivion.  Sort of a swirly irridescent quality without any definite lines of demarcation.  Different without being distinctive.

My general impression of this color is of a more or less bland base for other things to happen on and around.  I like the effect of the silver foil melted into the bead and left unencased, but unless I can get it to photograph well on its own it just doesn't show up well here.  It plays nice with ivory, may change the appearance of copper colors, and separates with hades.

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