Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CiM oz

I don't know why I didn't do anything with this before because it's a useful color if you happen to be a fan of CiM, which I am. As far as color goes, my experience with other transparent greens is limited to Effetre dark emerald and dark teal, which in the rods I have is more of a very dark emerald. This color is lighter than either of these, but I would expect it to be. More of a medium emerald, I suppose. It doesn't do tricks; it just sort of sits there and lends support to what's going on around it. All the beads are spacer sized for color intensity comparison. Bead 1 is plain. 2 is encased over clear. It washes right out. 3 is encased over white. 4 is encased with clear. It is under a pretty thick layer of effetre super clear and has retained its intensity. This is something worth noting. 5 is with DH aurae, melted in, reduced and encased in clear. 6 is with aurae scrolls, partially melted in and reduced. The reaction I got doesn't show up well in this picture, which is a shame, since if oz was going to do something funky, it would be in this bead. Usually if aurae only partially strikes and is not encased, it looks pink. Here, it struck to a sort of turquoise, a hint of which is visible in the lower portion of this bead. 7 is with fine silver wire melted in. I wasn't going to try silver foil, since I didn't expect a reaction, and I don't see any lines from the contact with the silver wire like with ivory, so I don't think I would have got one. I did think the green and silver combination would look pretty, which it does. 8 is with sis scrolls, which it doesn't react with. I should have tried a bead with ivory at some point and may modify this post if I decide to make one just to document anything that turns up. I expect the ivory to bleed a bit and swallow stringer.

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